A Team for Life


Coping with Change

For couples who have taken the solemn vows of marriage in front of friends and family, life might seem to be easy. These are the people who have not yet been seriously tested in their relationship, and it could be their toughest battles together are ahead of them. While many people envision a smooth progression through the years, they often discover that radical changes occur when they are least expecting. Coping with change can make or break any relationship, and those who wish to continue on their chosen path will need to support each other to get through it.

Work is a large part of any person’s life, and those who suddenly find they are unemployed might drop into a deep depression. Their feelings could be of failure when they did not expect to lose their job, and their spouse might not know how to cope with the results. The couple will need to turn to each other to struggle through the gap in employment, but success will come when each of them realizes their partner needs them now more than ever.

Losing a source of employment can be a major change for one person, and it affects their partner whether or not income is an issue. Many people find their identity locked in with what they do for a living, and being suddenly at a loss for work could affect their basic emotional stability. A partner can help them cope with their feelings, so they might both be able to get through the situation with less pain.

If the person who has an unemployed spouse is supportive, they might be able to help their partner find a new way to look at life. Both of them might have been putting off opportunities for major lifestyle changes, and this could be their time to leap into a new life they both really want.