A Team for Life


Creating Hybrid Plans

People today often wait until they are well on the road to career success before they settle down, but it can cause issues in their long term relationship. Their goals might appear to be similar at first, but time could narrow them down to a path one partner does not wish to take. The couple can choose the painful option of separating, but creating hybrid plans together could also solve their dilemma. Those brave enough to take on this challenge could find their relationship getting stronger as their new plans for a future together solidify.

Ending a relationship in the best of circumstances can be emotionally devastating, so couples should think long and hard before they choose that option. It might be that one of them is unwilling to compromise on their own plans, or the two could be unable to find a common path. Professional counselors are often helpful here, and they may see options the couple has missed. Salvaging their relationship could take a few weeks or months, but it may be possible.

Looking for hybrid pathways to their goals is the option many committed couples choose, and it can take time to work out the details. One of them may have to give up more than the other, so there should be compensations to create a level field between them. If both can agree on a solid path, their relationship can be saved. Further adjustments might be needed as they progress toward their new future, but a couple with a strong emotional bond should be able to weather them.

It is not always easy for two people with their own careers to find common ground, but love can help open their eyes. The bond of their relationship should be used as a base to project them into the future together, and they can find common ground if they are willing to work at it.