A Team for Life


Facing New Opportunities

Couples with long term goals and plans have often spent a great deal of time mapping out their future. They could have interim achievements, and celebrating them could be a regular event. Being able to meet their own expectations would seem to be the perfect way to live, but there can be times when they will be facing new opportunities. Some of them will be great, but others might be devastating. How the couple handles the interference to the smooth progression of their life can make all the difference in the world to their future.

Illness has a way of showing up uninvited, and couples with long term plans seldom find room in their schedule for it. One person might have a devastating medical issue that stops them from working, or they might have to change careers. This could be a major setback for the couple, but they could also turn it into an opportunity to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

The offer of an entirely new career could occur to a partner, and it might throw a wrench into their future plans. Instead of hitting milestones on a regular basis, the new career might delay one or more of them for at least a year. This could be awkward for the couple used to a solid record of achievement. If they want to remain happy while choosing a new career, then they will need to make different plans. It could cause resentment, or it might bring some needed light into a grim situation.

Life happens all the time, and it seldom bothers to consult the plans of those working hard to reach their personal goals. Even if a couple is a dedicated team, some life events can still throw them completely off their chosen path. Being able to support each other as they adjust their lifestyle will show them the value of their relationship.