A Team for Life


Setting the Goals

Couples often find life makes changes when they are not looking, and they must adjust their dreams if they want to be happy with their own success. For those who wanted a large family, scaling back once they realize how expensive children can be is a normal part of life. Some people dream of having exactly two children, one of each, but they find nature does is not quite willing to listen to what they want. They must either be happy with two children of the same sex, or they can continue to try their luck. Happiness is not always what people dreamed in the beginning, and setting the goals is a process.

While dreams may change over the years, many couples can still look back and see that they have the same basic dreams from when they were young. They might have chosen to live in a smaller house so they could have nicer furniture and clothes, or they might have made the choice to save more for retirement. They will still end up nearly at the same place, but how they get there is part of what keeps them focused on the future.

It is important to set goals to help focus, but the ability to make adjustments can sometimes be difficult. Disappointment at delays can be trying, and it can make the couple wonder how they will be able to reach their destination. They must lean on each other when times are trying their patience, and they can work together to come up with alternatives. That is one of the best parts of being in a good relationship, and it can keep them stable as a couple.

Many dreams might reach fruition, but some will fall by the wayside as tragedy and triumph rules the lives of busy couples. For those who have stuck it out for decades, seeing their ultimate dreams come true will be a happily shared experience.